Talking about When Employers Want to See Your Social Networking Profile

No way would I personally ever turn over my login and password to any site I belong to, whether it was a social networking site or any other type of site to any potential employer.  If that potential employer wants to see what their potential employees are doing, posting, or talking about on a social networking site, let them go look.  Maybe they could even be ‘friended’ to see what’s going on.  I don’t know.  However, I don’t think it’s at all appropriate to ask potential employees to hand over login and password information.  Would they hand over their information to me?  Granted they are not working for me, however that does not make it appropriate.  There are only a few exceptions I can think of such as terroristic threats, disseminating company information or making inappropriate comments about supervisors or fellow employees. 
I’ve tried to get across to some young people I know they should be careful about what they say and post on sites like MySpace or FaceBook.  Some of them get it, some just do not understand why it is anyone’s business.  For the most part I myself have difficulty understanding why what I post on Facebook, MySpace, my WindowsLive Blog or anywhere else should affect how I cam looked at by a potential employer.   I kind of equate this sort of thing with my credit rating affecting what I pay for my car insurance.  What my credit record says has nothing to do with how well or carefully I drive, or how likely I am to file an insurance claim.  In fact studies have shown those who struggle with their credit rating are actually no more likely to file insurance claims than anyone else, and may even be LESS likely.  However, insurers use the claim those with credit problems are more likely to file claims as their reasoning for using credit ratings to help determine insurance premiums.  I have a near perfect driving record; yet if I make a credit card payment late it can affect how much I pay to insure my car.  And it’s all legal.  The opinions I post in my blogs or on social networking sites have nothing to do with how well I do my job, so why should they have any effect on whether I am hired for a job?      

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