Comment on ‘Daddy…It Hurts’

I got the poem in my inbox a couple weeks ago, I think, and it bothered me then.  I passed it on to a few people, but not to everyone
I know.  Then I got it in my inbox a couple days ago from my niece.  She probably got it from me originally, because it took us all a
few days to get caught up on email from the few weeks we didn’t have internet access before and after we moved into our new place. 
I know so many kids are abused (both physically and verbally) or neglected, or left home alone all day (even very small children like a
3 year old) and they don’t get any hugs, love or enough nutrition or stimulation.  And not always because the parents can’t afford it. 
And of course the children also get blamed for the parents problems; like in the poem where the little boy says his father blames him
for his problems at work.
The poem in places sounds like what a three year old would think, like thinking if he behaves maybe he won’t get hit, or he’ll only get
one whipping, or maybe if he wasn’t ugly mommy would hug him, etc.   But in other places it doesn’t, like running for the door and
finding it locked. A 3 year old would cry, say daddy no, or maybe try to hide, but probably not try to run out the front door. But maybe
they would, I don’t know.  In any case, it’s very said and it bothers me.  But it should.  If it didn’t bother us, what kind of people would
we be, you know?

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