No Johnny Weir in Stars On Ice tour

I’m not completely convinced the GLAAD people are right about this, but I’m not positive they’re wrong either. After
all, Weir is one of the most popular skaters with fans all over the world. He has survived financially and been able to
keep skating due in no small part to the shows he does in Europe and Asia. The SOI people are correct when they
say they can’t take everyone. No, they can’t. However, SOI did a lot to help put other tours out of business. Years
ago they effectively ended Boitano and Witt’s tour, for exp, by buying their tour dates and locations out from under
them. COI is now kaput (and many skaters survived financially primarily due to this tour), and about the only other
tour left is Disney on Ice, a tour that really has no place for star skaters of Weir’s caliber; along with a few limited
and one off shows like Brian Boitano’s Holiday Spectacular and Kristi Yamaguchi’s yearly show. I have never been
a fan of SOI due to their business practices, and this article certainly does nothing to change that.  I really hope at
this point that Weir is able to put his own show together.  A big tour is probably neither practical nor prudent;
however, a show with limited performances put together by and showcasing Johnny Weir would be a possibility, and
also many skating fans only opportunity to see Weir skate live in the United States.

I knew Weir was helping out his family, and I did know about his brother. I didn’t know his father was disabled. His

mom Patti always talks about what a wonderful son she has, and JW has said numerous times what terrific parents

he had/has and how they gave he and his brother the freedom they needed as they grew up. As flamboyant and

obnoxious as he can occasionally be, and Johnny does admit he brings some of the things said about him on himself;

there’s not a doubt he is an intelligent, decent, caring person who does a lot for his family and for charity.  There are

a lot of things he is a VERY good example for.  It’s unfortunate so few people are willing to look beyond the labels

they have attached to him and notice those things.

Sometimes I just want to give Johnny Weir a really big hug!

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