Scotty, Johnny Weir and Stars On Ice

The more I think about this whole thing with Johnny Weir and the Stars On Ice tour, the more I wish GLAAD would shut
the heck up.  They really are not doing Johnny Weir any favors with these accusations, or with this petition they are
promoting.  They don’t seem to actually respect a lot of the people they are purporting to be trying to ‘help’.  Johnny
Weir did not ask for their help, and he probably does not want their help.
As much as I love Johnny Weir and his skating, and as much as I would love the opportunity to see him skate in person;
I’m not sure I really would want to see him involved with Stars On Ice.  I just don’t like the way they do business, even
though several skaters I am a fan of either are part of this tour now, or have been part of it in the past.  My favorite
Brian Boitano was involved with Stars On Ice only twice even though they made several offers to him over the years.
The first time was when he took part in a performance welcoming his friend Scott Hamilton back to the ice after battling
cancer; and the other was when he took part in a tribute to Sergei Grinkov a few days after his sudden death at age
twenty eight. 
I would seriously love to ask Scott Hamilton what exactly is the real reason Johnny Weir has not been asked to join
Stars On Ice.  His answer would greatly influence whether I had any respect for him left at the end of the day.   I would
hope I would not hear from him any excuse even remotely connected to what GLAAD is claiming to be the reason.  I
really hope that I am correct in my assessment that Scott Hamilton is not like that, and that is not his way of thinking. 
I think the argument the tour can not take everyone is certainly valid.  They can not.  There just is not enough room. 
However, Stars On Ice has many long term skaters that were not nearly as popular as Weir is when the tour signed
them up.  How can a for profit group seriously state with a straight face they aren’t signing up one of the world’s most
popular skaters because there’s not enough room on the tour?  Even at Scott Hamilton’s age, with as long as he has
been around, he could still command an audience to a degree few, if any, other skaters in the world can do.  Guess
who one of the other few skaters who can do that is?  You guessed it, Johnny Weir.  I would really hate to find out that
Scott Hamilton did not want a skater on his tour he felt could or would upstage him.  I would be truly disappointed
if that were the case.
If Stars On Ice (and Scott Hamilton) do not want to sign Johnny Weir or anyone else for that matter, up for their tour,
that’s fine.  They are perfectly within their rights to sign, or to not sign, any skater they choose.  What is important in
this case especially is why they did not sign a skater for their tour.  ‘There wasn’t enough room’ just does not make any
sense in the case of Johnny Weir.  The only way I, and many others, could have any respect for Stars On Ice at this point
is for them to provide an explanation that is truthful and makes sense.  
Frankly, at this point, even if Stars On Ice showed up on his doorstep begging for him to join the tour, I hope Johnny
Weir would tell them to stuff it. 

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