Finally, Some Respect!

I have noticed the last few TV appearances I’ve seen Johnny Weir make he seems to be getting treated with a little more respect. Finally! His second appearance on Joy Behar last week, for example.  Not that he was treated disrespectfully during the first appearance he made on her show; but it just seems like last week it was different.  His appearance on the George Lopez show last week would be another example.  I understand he is back on George Lopez Thursday 3/25, but I’m not positive.

And tonight (3/22) on Jay Leno, Jay treated him with respect, and made a point to mention how he put his brother through school (which Johnny DID do), and that his father is disabled and he is also helping the family out. Like Jay said, what’s more family friendly than that?  Or as Johnny said, what’s more family friendly than how he was raised? Yes, Johnny is flamboyant, and outspoken, and exposed more than the average figure skater; however, how come so few people remember to mention how good and close he is with his family?  Probably it is partly because, though Johnny will acknowledge he helps his family, he will also acknowledge how people have helped him, and he won’t brag about how much he does for his family.  He’ll tell you what they do for him.

Even Charles Barkley, who was also a guest on Leno tonight (3/22) treated Johnny with respect. Of course JW treated him respectfully also. It’s about freakin’ time!

As far as the ‘Stars On Ice’ thing, Johnny said on Joy Behar that he has never been invited to do that tour and did not expect to be asked this time either.  He also mentioned he used to do the Champions On Ice tour, which unfortunately for us fans and a lot of skaters, folded a few years ago.  Johnny is leaving Saturday to do some shows in Russia.  He will come back to the United States and so a show in Chicago, I believe. 

The saddest thing about the demise of the Champions On Ice tour is that we do not get the opportunity any more to see most of the skaters we watch on televsion.  This also means most of us will not have the opportunity to see Johnny Weir skate in the United States, because Stars On Ice is the only major tour left in the United States.  I am hoping that with the men’s Olympic Champion being an American, and Johnny being an American and so popular around the world that we will see more skating in the United States in the next few years.  Maybe fans like me will then have our chance(s) to see Johnny Weir (and others) skate live in the United States. 



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