Arizona Fights Back Petition

Arizona Fights Back
Dear Gail,

Arizona Democrats have a big task ahead. Our state has become ground zero for extremist Republicans pushing a far-right agenda. As a result, we are now facing a national boycott that hurts our economy and affects hard-working families statewide.

Sign the “Arizona Fights Back” petition today and take a stand against extremist Republicans.

We must fight back and restore common-sense leadership in Arizona. Let’s start by boycotting Jan Brewer instead and electing fair-minded Democrats who will never let measures like SB1070 see the light of day.

Sign the “Arizona Fights Back” petition today and take a stand against extremist Republicans.

With your help, we can launch much stronger efforts to ramp up statewide voter registration, targeted voter outreach and community organizing.

To change Arizona, we must change its leaders. We can’t do this without your support.

Thank you for signing the petition and standing up to extremist Republicans!


Luis Heredia
Executive Director, Arizona Democratic Party

PS. You can double your impact by forwarding this email to a friend today.

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