Some Worthy Causes to Support

Some causes Johnny Weir fans are helping to champion right now: 
*Vote for Johnny Weir to win USFSA’s Readers’ Choice Figure Skater of the Year. 
*Vote to encourage Pepsi to fund sorely needed physical activity programs for kids through the n’Play Foundation. Johnny Weir is one of the board members of n’Play. 
*And of course, Johnny Weir fans current number-one priority is AIDS/LifeCycle "Ride for Life" fan project! We were so excited to see that the story has already been picked up by The Advocate and by Towle Road!  The ride starts this Sunday June 6th, and our goal is to have $5,000 in donations by then.  Within 45 minutes of the announcement of this project Johnny Weir fans had raised over $500, and twelve hours later over $1500 just via FB and Twitter to other JW fans.

One last fluffy thing:
*Vote for Beauty Bear Eric Alt’s  (Johnny Weir’s sytlist) salons to win "Favorite Salon" in New Jersey Life/Health and Beauty magazine’s Beauty A-List awards.


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