Johnny Weir in High Heel-A-Thon in NYC

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Eye Spy: Caption This Johnny Weir Pic!

September 23, 2010 11:30 AM by Koryn Kennedy

By Marta McGough:
Oh these? I can so quadruple axel in them!


Figure skater Johnny Weir participated in Live With Regis And Kelly’s High Heel-A-Thon in Central Park yesterday, and we want you to write a caption to go with the pic!

Just post it in the Comments section below. The funnier and wittier the one-liner, the better. And the best caption will be posted right here later today.

Happy writing. May the best cap win.


Skating scoop from Yu-Na Kim’s 2010 All That Skate LA


September 24, 2010

Skating scoop from Yu-Na Kim’s 2010 All That Skate LA

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The American Debut of the World’s Hottest New Skating Spectacular Starring Reigning Olympic Champion Yuna Kim, Figure Skating Legend Michelle Kwan and an All-Star Cast of Olympic, World and U.S. Figure Skating Champions

2010 All That Skate LA starring Yu-Na Kim LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 – Next weekend the world’s finest figure skaters from around the globe will be coming to the City of Angels for the American debut and Los Angeles premiere of the international skating spectacular “2010 All That Skate LA” at STAPLES Center Saturday, October 2nd at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday, October 3rd at 3:00 p.m.

Ranging from $42 to $155 VIP, tickets are available for purchase at, by calling Ticketmaster at 800.745.3000 or at Ticketmaster retail outlets, as well as via the event website at For group tickets, details are available at 1.877.AEG.TICKETS (877.234.8425) and online at A special “Ultimate Skate Experience” offer included with VIP and front row ticket purchases, provides access to an exclusive “sneak peak” of dress rehearsal and discussion with the skating stars on Saturday.

Here are a few insights from some of the skating stars that gives you the “Skater Scoop.”
Do you have any rituals before you perform?
Michelle Kwan – “I had a few rituals when I was competing. There was a time when I laced up my left skate before my right. I also remember there was a period when I didn’t polish my skates despite the dirtiness because I thought it was lucky.”
Yuna Kim – “I usually make the cross sign right before my performance.”
Johnny Weir – “I get ready in a very quiet space, make myself beautiful and get in the zone.”
Tessa Virtue – “I always put my left skate on before my right. I walk the same route to dressing room every time I enter a rink. I put the necklace I usually wear (which was my Grandmother’s gold chain) in my right running shoe after tying my skates.”
Tanith Belbin – “I have little superstitious habits, like putting my left skate on first and lining my guards up perfectly before placing them in my coach’s hands. The most important thing I always do before taking the ice at competitions though is holding onto Ben’s hand for at least 5 minutes before the warm-up. This way we can sense how nervous the other is and what we need to do to help them through.”
Scott Moir – “Not really. The only thing I do is to buy new socks before every competition.”
Ashley Wagner – “I usually listen to really upbeat songs, and I always put my right skate on before my left.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “I like singing before I skate. That’s good for my breathing.”

What’s your favorite thing about performing?
Michelle Kwan – “My favorite thing about performing is connecting with the music, ice and audience.”
Yu-Na Kim stars in 2010 All That Skate LA Yuna Kim – “I like to tell the audience a story.”
Johnny Weir – “I love when the crowd erupts with appreciation. Entertaining my fans is the most important thing about performing in shows.”
Tessa Virtue – “It always makes me happy to see smiling faces in the stands as we skate – Scott and I love to entertain!”
Tanith Belbin – “I love connecting with the audience and, when it’s a great performance, having some impact on them emotionally. My favorite part of ice dancing is the story-telling aspect so in show programs especially, we always try to make a program with clear storyline.”
Scott Moir – “My favorite thing about performing is performing that perfect program you have practiced. There is no better feeling.”
Ashley Wagner – “I love being able to perform in front of a crowd because I feel like this is my way of expressing myself. I can relate to the audience and entertain them with my performance. It makes me happy that I can make others happy through my skating.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “To share my passion with the audience.”

What is the coolest thing you’ve received from a fan?
Michelle Kwan – “I am a huge stuffed animal lover, so I would have to say that every stuffed animal that has been tossed on the ice has been my favorite.”
Yuna Kim – “Messages from fans, collections of fan art, donations under my name to UNICEF by fans for my birthday present.”
Johnny Weir – “Love and support.”
Tessa Virtue – “A beautiful scrapbook filled with skating photos, poems, drawings and even CDs with possible skating music on them! It was so generous, extremely thoughtful and obviously very time-consuming. Also, I love receiving fuzzy, comfy socks from Japan and Korea!”
Tanith Belbin – “One fan from Korea made me an incredible statue for my birthday this year. It’s a perfect replica of myself and Ben in a lift from our Free Dance at the Olympics and every single detail, from the rhinestones on my dress to the Olympic logo on the ice, is absolutely perfect.”
Scott Moir – “Dior tie.”
Ashley Wagner – “I received a Mikimoto pearl necklace that was really pretty.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “A drawing, a portrait. It hangs in the entrée of my apartment.”

What is your favorite junk food?
Michelle Kwan – “My favorite junk food: junior mints, chips, and anything sweeeeeet.
Yuna Kim – “Korean snacks.”
Johnny Weir – “See’s candies and Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes.”
Tessa Virtue – “Any kind of chocolate!”
Tanith Belbin – “Candy (white chocolate in particular)”
Scott Moir – “Mr. Freeze frozen treats.”
Ashley Wagner – “French Fries!”
Stéphane Lambiel – “I don’t like junk food.”

What American city do you think has the best skating audiences?
Michelle Kwan – “I love skating in L.A. I make sure that all my friends and family scream and cheer extra loud.”
Yuna Kim – “LA!!!!!!!!!!”
Johnny Weir – “New York City.”
Tessa Virtue – “Los Angeles, of course!”
Tanith Belbin – “Los Angeles had the absolute best audience at the World Championships in 2009. We felt their support the entire week of the competition and their encouragement lifted us to a whole new level of performance.”
Scott Moir – I haven’t skated in America very often, but we have some great fans in Canton, Michigan.”
Ashley Wagner – “LA!”
Stéphane Lambiel – “Los Angeles.”

Do you have an all-time favorite skating program?
Michelle Kwan – “My exhibition program, Fields of Gold.”
Yuna Kim – “Michelle Kwan “Lyra Angelica” at 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir “Symphony no.5 at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.”
Johnny Weir – “My favorite program from my own career is probably “The Swan” my 2006 Olympic short program. My favorite programs of other skaters Anissina and Peizerat’s “Liberty,” and Evgeny Plushenko’s “Nijinskiy.”
Tessa Virtue – “No. Should I?”
Tanith Belbin – “Kurt Browning’s “Singing In The Rain.”
Scott Moir – “Jeffrey Buttle Long Worlds 2008 because I was there live and felt the energy of perfection.”
Ashley Wagner – “Tara Lipinski’s Freeskate at the ’98 Olympics.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “Swan Lake by Oksana Baiul.”

Who is your favorite skater?
Michelle Kwan – “Brian Boitano.”
Yuna Kim – “Michelle Kwan / Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir.”
Johnny Weir – “Evgeny Plushenko, Irina Slutskaya and Yu Na Kim.”
Tessa Virtue – “Jeffrey Buttle”
Tanith Belbin – “Shae-Lynn Bourne was my idol growing up and is still my favorite skater today.”
Scott Moir – “Patrick Chan.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “Shizuka Arakawa.”

What is your favorite movie?
Michelle Kwan – “Gladiator.”
Yuna Kim – “500 Days Of Summer, Paranormal Activity, Moulin Rouge.”
Johnny Weir – “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.”
Tessa Virtue – “Any early Audrey Hepburn movie (Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Funny Face), The Princes Bride and Best in Show.”
Tanith Belbin – “Jeux D’Enfants (Love Me if You Dare).”
Scott Moir – “Bloodsport.”
Ashley Wagner – “Atonement.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli.”

Who are you listening to on your ipod?
Michelle Kwan – “William Fitzsimmons, Jason Mraz, Usher, Nelly, Alicia Keys.”
Yuna Kim – “Korean Singer! BOA.”
Johnny Weir – “Lady Gaga, Johnny Weir, Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Elton John.”
Tessa Virtue – “Eminem, Jay-Z, Marvin Gaye, Tiesto.”
Tanith Belbin – “Jason Mraz.”
Scott Moir – “Hail the Villain” – any and every song.”
Ashley Wagner – “Florence and the Machines, Regina Spektor, John Mayer.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “Beyonce.”

What cool things do you keep in your skate bag?
Michelle Kwan – “You won’t be surprised to see a Laker’s towel in my bag to wipe my blades when I get off the ice. GO LAKERS! THREE-PEAT!!!”
Yuna Kim – “A baseball for foot massage.”
Johnny Weir – “My skates?”
Tessa Virtue – “I always keep an old pair of broken skate guards in my bag, lots of lucky pennies, safety pins of all sizes and the first draft of the Olympic practice schedule that’s been in there for over a year!”
Tanith Belbin – “I don’t keep anything interesting in my skate bag. Just skates and other essentials.”
Scott Moir – “Things I use on the ice. And extra laces!”
Ashley Wagner – “My lucky marbles, notes from special people in my life and trinkets from everywhere.”
Stéphane Lambiel – “My handmade blade covers.”


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Matthew Shepard Foundation: eUpdate

September 23, 2010
New Websites Launch!
The Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a brand new and enhanced  The new sites are filled with information on the Foundation and our work.  In order to take advantage of the sites, existing users will need to use the password reset option on both sites to activate your account.

The updated includes a searchable resource directory as well as many other interactive features we will be rolling out over the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support, you helped make the launch of these new sites possible!
Matthew Shepard Memorial Tennis JAM 2010

If you’re in the New York City area, love to play tennis, and support the Foundation’s efforts to Erase Hate, please join our friends at Metro Tennis Group for a fun annual event that helps fund our work to educate the public, celebrate diversity and promote equality for GLBT individuals. Each year, the Matthew Shepard Memorial Tennis JAM raises thousands of dollars and spreads the word about the Foundation’s educational and advocacy work. Food will be provided, as well as informal non-competitive tennis play, and raffle prizes … all in all, a great annual MTG social event!

When: Saturday, October 2, 2010 (Rain Date: October 3)

Where: Riverside Park, located at Riverside Dr. and 119th St., Manhattan

Organizer: Daniel Arzuaga (

Cost: No registration fee. Donation: $2 per game won in round-robin play (Minimum donation: $30)

For More Information:

Advance Film Soundtrack Release Benefits MSF
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This post-modern retelling of the greatest love story ever told brings to light the homophobic/homo-erotic dual nature of fraternity life, its perks and perils. The film in this incarnation was prepared to pave the way for public, private and corporate interest in a full-length feature, currently in pre-production. The project is one of passion for all those involved, hoping to present the nature of love in its truest form.
VERONA’S title song “BE FREE,” written exclusively for the film and performed by 90’s pop icon Maya Days, may now be downloaded for $1.00 at or directly through iTunes at
In addition to helping fund the full-length feature, proceeds from every download will be donated to The Matthew Shepard Foundation, to help raise awareness about homophobia and the fight against discrimination and anti-gay hate crimes.
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JIMMY EAT WORLD Live Chat, New Album, Letterman Appearance

‘Jimmy Eat World’ will appear on David Letterman September 24th.
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Jimmy Eat World – My Best Theory – Live
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A Message From the William J. Clinton Foundation


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Clinton Foundation


Last week, hundreds of people sent thought-provoking questions and thoughts about the world’s most pressing challenges. And now, in a special YouTube appearance, President Clinton has some answers.

Watch President Clinton answer questions in his new video about the challenges our world faces.

President Clinton
And it’s not too late to send us your thoughts about the issues confronting your community and your planet and have them answered by luminaries like Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times; Lance Armstrong, Founder and Chairman of LIVESTRONG; President of Haiti René Préval; and more at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative plenary sessions.

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The Clinton Foundation

P.S. Watch President Clinton answer some of Jon Stewart’s own questions in his Daily Show appearance last week.

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The Clinton Foundation seeks to address some of the world’s more pressing challenges — from global climate change to extreme poverty — through collaborative and systematic effort.

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News summary from “Hobonichi” today 100915, Part Two

Source Misfit Mimes Blog with invaluable assistance from Akiko Nakata.

Two months have passed since that dreamlike interview.                     Totally enchanted by Johnny, we reread the uploaded pages and said to each other, “Oh, it was awful, so interesting!” Then we heard that he was going to perform in the show.                                                                     Someone concerned asked us, “Will you come?”                                   “YES, by all means!” Needless to say, several crews raised their hands.


We just visited him in the backside for a while, and we weren’t allowed to shoot the show. I will just simply report, “We went and saw him,” but we hope you will enjoy reading it.

The report begins with us, deeply impressed by the ice show that we had seen for the first time, visiting the backstage, still being rather absorbed.

Wow, awesome! Extraordinary power! Tremendous speed! Must be painful if they fall…expressing each impression, we were waiting…





Johnny Weir!

Wow, so happy!

It’s been a long time! Shaking hands, and again.

Enjoy their dialogue for a while.






Nice to meet you again. [in English]


How are you?


I’m fine, thank you. [in English]


…In English?


A little bit. [in English] (Laughing)


Well, I hear you started to take lessons.


Nooo. (Laughing)

The show was wonderful.


Thanks very much.

Will you skate in the next show?


Oh, excuse me. (Laughing)


In a fantastic costume.


Ah, with a costume, I would be OK.




Especially, your new program in the second part was wonderful.


Ah, good. It’s my favorite program.

The costume was different from my earlier ones?

This is the first costume with no rhinestones.


I see. Yes, it was really simple.


Yes. That’s why my make-up should be so heavy.



The song was also beautiful.

To be frank with you, we saw a live performance for the first time. We were all really excited.


Ah, good. We skated so fast, didn’t we?


The speeds were amazing.  

And the ice is so hard? As if we were watching martial arts.


The same quantity of energy involved.



In the arena, you don’t fight with the opponent like in martial arts, but you all exercise your power—that’s something.


Yes, we try to skate better than the previous skater.


Many your rivals in the Olympics and the last season are in the show? How are you getting along?


Well, it’s difficult sometimes…like a little odd family. (Laughing)




But we are much freer here than in competitions, so we do joking and laughing.


Yeah, you seemed free.

I want to see a competition next.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time today.


Thank you so much for coming.


You’re welcome.

It was so good for me to see the whole world of figure skating where you are [/live].


Oh, thank you.


I thought more people should see your show.


If you tell them, I’m sure we’ll be able to give more shows. It seems everyone knows you, Itoi-san. (Laughing)


Not at all. (Laughing)

I get nervous when I see an athlete just after his performance, like now.


Really? Why?


Because I was watching your beautiful performance just a little while ago.




I regret there’s no opportunity to show you my beautiful performance.


Ha ha ha ha!

Really, various people say Itoi-san is great. That’s your true performance, isn’t it?


Thank you. (Laughing)


It’s true, they say that!


I blush. [“He blushes” sounds more like Itoi-san?]

Well, we shouldn’t keep you long. We’d better leave now.


Ah, your jam was very delicious!


I will send you more.




Which jam do you like?




OK. I’ll make berry jam.

And, this is for you, a badge [color?] of my dog.


This is best. (Laughing)

The dog of your twitter icon.

Thank you.


You’re welcome. Well, we leave now.


Thank you very much for the nice interview.


Thank you. We had a marvelous time today.


Thank you.


Well, go ahead.


Thank you. Good night.


Good night!!


 (Called by people concerned one by one while walking along the passage, Johnny leaves repeating greet and hug)


 (Watching him from behind)

… Great. Really, Johnny is great.

Just for a short time, visiting Fukui was rewarding.

Most of all, the live ice show was really wonderful.

Not only Johnny,

but Pulshenko (special),

Lambiel, Tomas,

And Andoo Miki-san, Suguri-san,

Suzuki Akiko-san, Arakawa Shizuka-san,

And the male pair like the crowns from Cirque du Soleil were wonderful, too.

A young male skater, Machida Tatsuki, whom I saw for the first time, was also good!



…with such infantile impressions, I close my report on Fukui.

Lastly, please enjoy the pictures we took successively in a very short time.



News summary from “Hobonichi” today 100915, Part One

Source Misfit Mimes Blog with invaluable assistance from Akiko Nakata.




News summary from “Hobonichi” today



1 We went to Fukui for an ice show.

2 We saw Johnny Weir again! News (Upper title)

T crew send you the information on what is happening around “Hobonichi” and the fresh-from-the-oven news they want to let you know right away.


We went to see an ice show in Fukui!

Of course, in order to see Johnny.

Hi, I’m Nagata.

We went to Fukui in a group.

I’m not going to talk about our Fukui trip.

The aim of our trip was “Fantasy on Ice 2010 in Fukui” held in a huge dome called “Sundome Fukui.”

Yes, he was to perform in the show.

Johnny Weir!!!


Johnny Weir!!!

The bilingual interview with Johnny by Itoi, put on Hobonichi recently, have had great much access from all over the world.

Thank you very much for reading the interview!

If you have missed it, please read it here!


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