News summary from “Hobonichi” today 100915, Part One

Source Misfit Mimes Blog with invaluable assistance from Akiko Nakata.




News summary from “Hobonichi” today



1 We went to Fukui for an ice show.

2 We saw Johnny Weir again! News (Upper title)

T crew send you the information on what is happening around “Hobonichi” and the fresh-from-the-oven news they want to let you know right away.


We went to see an ice show in Fukui!

Of course, in order to see Johnny.

Hi, I’m Nagata.

We went to Fukui in a group.

I’m not going to talk about our Fukui trip.

The aim of our trip was “Fantasy on Ice 2010 in Fukui” held in a huge dome called “Sundome Fukui.”

Yes, he was to perform in the show.

Johnny Weir!!!


Johnny Weir!!!

The bilingual interview with Johnny by Itoi, put on Hobonichi recently, have had great much access from all over the world.

Thank you very much for reading the interview!

If you have missed it, please read it here!



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